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Posted June 30th at 16h15 (20160630)

Events to come... Casselman

The month of July starts with two days of tractor pulling in Casselman, Ontario! This event belongs to the ASTTQ calendar and we are going to see the following clases: MINI, 4x4, SEMI, Super Stock, Modifieds and TWD.

Watch the schedule: Saturday, July 2nd, the event starts at 7PM while on Sunday, it starts at 1PM.

Don't miss this event! Look at the classes! Most tractors will be there. There will be a night version and a day version! And that will be the first event where I take pictures for the ASTTQ; from now on, they are going to use my pictures on their web site.


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For those who would like a copy of my tractor pulling events, I will have a stack of them for you. Take a few for your friends.

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