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Posted July 9th at 20h15 (20160709)

Lachute Event Report

Even though it was raining in Montreal, I decided to go to Lachute for the AMAM's antique tractor pulls.

It was raining in Lachute too! I was late but the event had not startede yet. I thought the event would be cancelled but the rain stopped (almost) and the tractors were getting ready.

Since many tractors had left, the organizers gave the competitors a little gift! They would do two pulls each; one according to the normal rules and one with no speed rule. They could go at the speed they wanted!

So the crowd grew a lot during the day and we had a great afternoon of tractor pulling with many tractors in most classes!

The rain and mud should have given some great photos. I process the pictures, which should be ready on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will upload them on Facebook and in a gallery where you can buy prints or digital files. In the meantime, here is the gallery of pictures from the 2015 AMAM event at ile Dupas. That was my first AMAM event. It was a sunny day in June!

Photos from île Dupas in 2015

July 10th, 2016: Update: Pictures from Lachute 2016!

As usual, the small size pictures are on Facebook too!!!    

See you soon!