About Tractor Pulls Quebec

About Tractor Pulls Quebec

This site will display the pictures and movies we take at the tractor pulls events in the province of Quebec (and elsewhere). A YouTube channel is dedicated to the movies while you can order prints from the pictures on-line.

One of our best features is going to be the events calendar that we are going to build, including as many tractor pulls events as we can gather. That calendar will be available on-line and also downloadable to your computer or portable device.

The event organizers (and everybody else who wants to share their info) can send their event information (date, time, classes, web site,...) to us by email at Calendar.

Hoping you will appreciate tractorpullsqc.com!

Denis Rouleau.

Denis Rouleau

Denis takes care of a little bit of everything including the web site.

Nicole Rouleau

Nicole is always ready to film events when needed.

Martine Rouleau

Martine recently discovered that shooting tractor pulls is fun!